FCTI EUF is an organ-specific cellular extracts that are ecologically procured through a proprietary parallel-extraction process during the manufacturing of Fetal Precursor Stem Cells. Fetal cells are processed through multiple specialised millipores to retrieve the cellular material within the cells into a molecular-level ultrafiltrates.

EUF is also based on several same scientific principles of stem cell therapy, some of them are very important for an explanation of the its therapeutic purpose of different organs or tissues:

The main cells of an organ or a tissue, irrespective of the species of origin, are considered similar in Nature.

Scientists define it as the ‘Principle of Organospecificity’. Cells of the same organ are biologically matched and alike regardless if they were of the animal kingdom or mankind, e.g. the main cell of the liver, hepatocyte, is almost biologically matched to that of all vertebrates. Thus the same conclusion could also be made for the other approximately 200 kinds of cells in a human or an animal. Man after all is part of the animal kingdom. There are no antigenic differences between corresponding cells of the identical organ of different animal species (including man). This is yet another proof of ‘organospecificity’.

In the fetal stage, cells of all animal & human are similar or alike. (Man being at the top of the animal kingdom hierarchy). There are no complexity differences between the correspondent cells of the matching organ even of different group of mammals. The following microphotographs clearly and evidently prove this statement.

All biological systems of Mother Nature comprises of the same groups of molecules.

Cell Therapists in Switzerland & Germany define it as the ‘Principle of Homology’.

Majority of the proteins of different living things (including humans) are homologous of each other, (i.e. the amino acid sequence) and in general, executes similar functions. The same applies in regards of other types of molecules (especially of low molecules mass) which are responsible for the controlled mechanisms in all single cells and their interrelationships of cells of other organs and tissues.

To further enhance the benefits of stem cell therapy, scientists developed Eco-Ultrafiltrates (EUF) as an efficacious therapeutic aid. EUF of various organs and tissues from the animal fetuses can be administer orally between stem cell therapy treatments.

FCTI EUF cell extracts (including the placenta) are fresh and pure organ-specific biological preparations, specially procured to match and supplement various body systems, i.e. immune system, central nervous system, etc. FCTI EUF molecules are incredibly small, at only 3 nanometres in size (1/9th the size of the world’s smallest virus yet observed under electron microscope which is 27 nanometres in diameter). FCTI EUF comprised of molecules of stem cell cellular material obtained from various organs of the animal fetuses.

The largest component of the FCTI EUF is standardized to a molecular mass of less than 10kDa. The significant fact that EUF is substantially smaller than any protein molecule is very important: by being protein-free, it is STERILE, hence there is no danger of an immune reaction against foreign protein, even to the extend that the ultrafiltrates are to be injected into the body.

Comparative microphotograph of Hepatocytes of rabbit adult (left) and human adult (right)

Comparative microphotograph of Insulae Langerhans of rabbit adult (left) and human adult (right)

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