Compared to the ultrafiltrates of old which was first introduced in Germany some four decades ago, today’s EUF is far more refined and superior in terms of its filtration technologies (millipores), safety and its procurement source.

FCTI EUF are pure cells extracts from stem cell containing animal fetal tissues or organs of very low molecular mass. Our fetal organs/tissues of rabbits are sourced from only certified closed colony of rabbits of at least 30 generations, bred since 1973, with full adherance to the strict requirements of US FDA, WHO and AAALAC* guidelines.

Rabbits has proven to be the most suitable animal because there is Zero Record of any Zoonoses transmissions. It is the only animal with no Genus Retroviridae [viruses] classifications or taxonomy. During the manufacturing, cells and other material of high molecular mass are separated from the molecules of low molecular mass, eventually by multiple ultrafiltration steps. The separation level is determined by the size of micro millipores filters. The ready-to-use ultrafiltrates contain components of a nominal molecular mass of up to 10 kDa (Dalton). The finished product, is a cell-free extracts suspended in 2.5 ml solution.

Closed Colony Rabbits

Type 1: M91

This special rabbit lines (population) are stringently selected for laboratory use in biological R&D in Stem Cell Transplantation and Eco-ultrafilterates production. Each line is genetically homogenous and both are under permanent veterinary control. M91 are bred for good manifestation of mother utility traits (e.g. conception rate, litter size, lactation, etc).

M91 (material line, origin in 1991)
Country of origin : New Zealand

Type 2: P91

P91 is typical paternal line (for production breeding males) with good growth of live weight and feed conversation traits.

P91 (paternal line, origin in 1991)
Country of origin : California, USA & Nitra, Slovakia, E. U.

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